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Our Apple Story

Planting the Seeds

In the 1870's, someone (perhaps Johnny Appleseed himself!) planted apple trees at our original Galesville orchard.


In 1952, Allen and Lois Kaste purchased the Galesville orchard and operated Kaste's Morningside Orchard for 50 years.


In 2001, Tom and Deb Ferguson and their children Jill, Andy and Joe took over the original Galesville orchard.  At the time, all we knew about apples was that there were red ones and green ones!

Watching Them Grow

In 2011, the Fergusons purchased the Eau Claire orchard, which was first planted with apple trees in the 1980's.  40,000 new Pazazz trees were planted in 2014.

In 2015, the Ferguson family added another orchard, formerly McIlquham Orchards, in Chippewa Falls.  The Chippewa Falls orchard has been growing apples for nearly 100 years!

In 2018, the family farm grew yet again, purchasing the Pepin Heights orchard in Lake City, MN, which was the largest apple orchard in Minnesota and roughly doubled the
Fergusons’ apple acreage. The Pepin Heights Store, located on scenic Highway 61 along the Mississippi River, has long been a staple of many fall tourists from the Twin Cities.


2022 brought about the largest expansion for Ferguson’s Orchards yet. The Fergusons purchased the famous Minnesota Harvest orchard just southwest of the Twin Cities in Jordan, Minnesota and have added all the fun fall activities they’re known for at their other locations. The new Ferguson’s Minnesota Harvest orchard, pumpkin patch and hard cider bar is sure to become a fall staple for countless families around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

100% Family-Owned by the Fergusons!

The original Galesville orchard

The Eau Claire orchard in the 1980's


The Ferguson Family Today (left to right)

Andy, Ashley, Deb, Tom, Amanda & Joe Ferguson

The Family Apple Tree

Today, the Fergusons grow delicious apples on approximately 400,000 apple trees in Galesville, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; and Lake City and Jordan, Minnesota. The orchards are spread out in hopes that any severe weather like summer hail or a spring freeze will miss some of the orchards and still allow us to have a crop.


Andy and Joe Ferguson now co-own and lead the family business and are dedicated to continuing the hard work of founders Tom and Deb Ferguson, who first moved the family from sunny Southern California to the original Galesville orchard in 2001 and are still involved to this day. It's true what they say about apples not falling far from the tree!  Andy and Joe now live in the Eau Claire area with their families.      

As they continue to grow, the Fergusons remain committed to providing safe, healthy fruit and memorable fall family destinations for the upper Midwest. This dedication is paying off, with the family winning numerous awards including “Best Pumpkin Patch in Wisconsin,” “Best Fall Destination,” “Best Family Entertainment Business,” “Best Apple Orchard in Trempealeau County,” “Best Family Outing in the Chippewa Valley,” one of the "6 Best Midwest Apple Orchards" and even National “Apple Growers of the Year” runner-up. Ferguson’s Orchards and the Ferguson family of farms is the largest commercial apple grower between the Rocky Mountains and Lake Michigan and a popular tourism destination for hundreds of thousands of Midwesterners each fall.


Brothers Andy Ferguson (left) and Joe Ferguson (right) co-own and lead the family business today with the help of their families and parents

We believe that knowing your farmer and seeing where your food comes from is key to a happy, healthy life and sense of community. Our family is passionate about growing apples and our favorite time of the year is when we get to share our beautiful orchards with our loyal visitors each fall. Thanks to our loyal customers who visit each year! - The Fergusons

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